Joining SATA

What are the benefits of joining SATA?

As a member of SATA you will:

  • receive invitations to attend members’ meetings held three or four times a year and receive minutes and papers
  • be invited to participate in any government or other consultation exercises and research have opportunities to feed in your experience and make your voice heard
  • be able to network with other members

How do I join? Membership of SATA is open to all who support our aim. New members are always welcome and you can join by completing an application form attached to our leaflet.

Annual subscriptions help meet our core expenses: Additional donations are more than welcome. Requests for subscription waivers will be considered.

Membership Category Amount
A Individual £6
B local voluntary organisation £12
C national voluntary organisation £30
D public agency, local authority department and commercial operator £60

Our financial and subscription year is April to March
Further details are available from:
Mike Harrison
Secretary, SATA
65 the Loan
Midlothian, EH20 9AG
Tel:+44 (0)131 448 0930