Accessible Transport Strategy and Action Plan for Scotland

The final Strategy Document released 04 March 2015.

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A Summary

The Scottish Accessible Transport Alliance (SATA) has produced an Accessible Transport Strategy and Action Plan for Scotland to get better transport access for disabled people.

This is the first and most comprehensive such strategy and plan for Scotland although similar plans exist for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It covers the period 2015 to 2020 and includes all transport modes and services, the transport environment, information provision and staff training. It addresses the need to consult and involve disabled people at all levels and all stages in reviewing what is lacking and what should be done.

The strategy's overall aim is:

Five broad principles are adopted:

Strategic Objectives

The document sets out 7 objectives:

1.       Ensure that disabled people have an effective say in the planning, design and operation of transport services, facilities and operations.

2.       Ensure that the Equality Act requirements are met and affordable adjustments are made so that accessibility for disabled people is a condition of public money being spent on all new public transport investment;

3.       Develop an integrated and fully accessible public transport system in partnership with key stakeholders which will enable disabled people to travel in safety and in comfort and be able to move easily between modes;

4.       Enable disabled people to travel using cars and other means of private transport;

5.       Address a lack of awareness and understanding that prevents or discourages disabled people from using transport services and facilities that are available to them;

6.       Ensure that information in a range of formats is available for all public transport services to enable disabled people to plan and make these journeys easily; and

7.       Provide help with travel costs and offer practical assistance to enable disabled people to use the transport services available to them.

Action Plan

This sets out actions that need to be taken towards achieving each strategic objective. It indicates the probable lead agency who should undertake each action; and the timescale for complete implementation is March 2020.

The plan does not of course preclude other actions and it should be kept under constant review by all concerned with a view to being amended and updated.


The document contains notes about disability and accessibility, about SATA and about equality of opportunity for transport and travel.

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