SATA was launched in Glasgow on 13 June 1995. A national conference on accessible transport in Edinburgh in July 1993 called ‘Transport for Independent Living’ had concluded that the users of transport services, the providers and the planners of those services needed to act together to make progress in accessible transport. It recommended a ‘Standing Forum” and well as a “national campaign for accessible transport”.

Our aim

The aim of SATA is to work for the provision of accessible transport in Scotland as a basic right for all people. This includes working not only for the provision of vehicles, vessels and rolling stock which are accessible but also for the provision of an integrated system of public transport, affordable services, accessible information and appropriate support services.

What we do

SATA provides the major inclusive forum in Scotland on transport issues of concern to disabled people. It works by enabling groups and individuals to share information about current developments in transport, as well as carrying out research and identifying gaps in provision. This allows SATA to press for changes to transport services.

Regular meetings are held where transport providers and users discuss policy and service issues and identify action to be taken. Speakers are invited and information shared.

Office Bearers and Members of the Board are volunteers who are nominated and elected at the AGM. More than 50% are required to be disabled people. SATA has no paid staff.

SATA converted into a SCIO in November 2018

the SATA Constitution (this is the old one, the new one for the SCIO still needs to be ratified at an EGM)